Amy Williams Featured in Pitt Magazine

Composer Amy Williams is the subject of an in-depth article in the most recent edition of Pitt Magazine, The University of Pittsburgh's alumni publication. The article provides a glimpse into Williams' busy life as performer and composer, her creative roots in the University of Buffalo's energetic new music scene, and the successes that led to her current year as a Guggenheim Fellow.

"For Williams, writing music is like sculpting. She begins with a focused idea of what she wants the piece to be, but she also allows the materials to develop. Often they push her in new directions. Her ideal workday begins with composing for a few hours in the morning. When she needs a break, she pivots to practicing the piano.

"Her active international career as a pianist feeds off of her career as a composer and vice versa. Recently, when she and her piano-duo collaborator, Helena Bugallo, were researching Igor Stravinsky’s Petrouchka, the two were confronted with creating a performance from four different historical versions of the piece. They studied Stravinsky’s archives in Switzerland to help with their interpretational choices. In May, the duo recorded the Stravinsky album—their second CD of his music—in Germany. All of that Stravinsky, says Williams, is likely to affect her own compositions in ways in which she may not even be fully aware. But it is clear to her that 'there’s this very synergic relationship between my composing and my performing. They influence each other constantly.'”

Read the entire article here.