Ayyagari Awarded Research Fellowship

Shalini Ayyagari has received a Senior Research Fellowship from the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) for her project, "Small Voices Sing Big Songs: A Transmedia Documentary Film Project." The AIIS Senior Research Fellowship is a  competitive and prestigious award for senior scholars conducting research in South Asia, allowing them to establish formal affiliation with an Indian institution and conduct long-term uninterrupted research in South Asia.

Ayyagari will be collaborating on a research-based film with musicians from the Manganiyar community of hereditary musicians who reside in the Thar Desert of western Rajasthan, India. She has been working with the Manganiyar for the past fifteen years. Using transmedia storytelling as a path for merging research, filmmaking, and community outreach, Ayyagari will be creating film and media content that engages audiences using various filmmaking techniques to shift the spotlight from individual expression to community action. This project builds on her research and teaching in film and music, and extends it to applied/public ethnomusicology.​​