Dr. E. Kwadwo O. Beeko (PhD 2005) will Lecture on African Musical Practices

Dr. E. Kwadwo O. Beeko (PhD 2005) will give a lecture for the African Studies program Thursday, January 28, 2010 for the African Studies CenterĀ  on African musical Practices: Journeying from the Traditional to the Global. The talk will take place in Room 4130 Posvar Hall from 5-7 p.m. According to Beeko,

"Many scholars have apparently embraced as almost obvious the standpoint that most of what is unique about African and African Diaspora musical cultures is credited to the persistence of an African heritage. This lecture discusses the conceptual approaches to the process of music making, andĀ  shows how these elements can be identified, by examining and analyzing various forms or modes of cultural representation that are employed in the musical performances."

To find out more about this lecture visit the African Studies Center Events Page.