Eric Beeko's Recent Publications

Eric Beeko (Ethnomusicology, 2005) has two new publications to his credit spanning 2011 and 2012. Beeko’s article, titled “The Dual-Relationship Concept of Right-Ownership in Akan Musical Tradition: A Solution for the Individual and Communal Right-Ownership Conflicts in Music Production,” appears in the International Journal of Cultural Property (Vol 18. 2011 no. 3). In the article, Beeko addresses the evolving conflict between traditional ideas of communal ownership in Ghana and the emerging emphasis on copyright and intellectual property rights.

Beeko also contributed a chapter to the new book (re)Tracing Africa (Kendall Hunt, Publishing Company, 2012), a major new multi-disciplinary study that seeks to provide a holistic understanding of Africa. Beeko’s contribution appeared to the section on Arts, Literature, and Culture and is titled “African Musical Traditions and Practices: Past and Current Trends.” According to the publishers,

"The various essays in this book provide detailed background information to help readers appreciate the diversity of African history, cultures, and societies. By emphasizing interdisciplinary analysis of the historical and contemporary issues surrounding African development, as well as treating topics often neglected in the mainstream books on African studies, this book provides a compelling and refreshing insights into the missing voices in African studies. (re)Tracing Africa promotes a better, more comprehensive and balanced understanding of the continent."

Beeko is continuing his scholarly pursuits in Pittsburgh where he currently teaches courses for the Department of Music on Music in Africa. Through his work here, he brings his scholarship and experience to bear in introducing Pitt students to the richness of African culture and history.