Lwanga Selected for International Doctoral Workshop in Ethnomusicology

Dr. Charles Lwanga has been selected to participate in the 2013 5th International Doctoral Workshop in Ethnomusicology. The workshop takes place from June 26–29 at the Center for World Music, University of Hildesheim in Germany. Lwanga, one of only 16 doctoral candidates selected worldwide, will read a 20-minute paper titled "Mu Kkubo Ery'Omusaalaba: Bridging Ethnomusicological Research and Composition."

Charles Lwanga holds a PhD in Composition and Theory from Pitt’s Department of Music and is currently pursuing a second PhD in Ethnomusicology. He also holds an MA in Composition, Post-Graduate Diploma in Music Education, as well as undergraduate degrees in Performing Arts and Law. His ethnomusicological research focuses on popular music, politics, and class formation in Uganda.

Congratulations to Charles on his selection to the 5th International Doctoral Workshop in Ethnomusicology!