Maggio Presents at EMP Museum

PhD student Danielle Maggio presented a paper and a memorium at the EMP Museum, a nonprofit museum dedicated to​ contemporary popular culture.  Danielle’s paper, "Gospel Mime: Cultivating Voice of Praise Through Embodied Service," presented her local Pittsburgh research on the Gospel Mime community and showed how the unique, hybrid performance/praise practice in the black church community combines popular gospel music with the theatrical medium of miming.  Danielle was also one of ten presenters for "In Memoriam: Silenced but Eternal Voices,” which honored recently deceased pop artists through critical and evocative words, images, and sounds​.  Danielle Maggio remembered nine-time Grammy Award winner Natalie Cole for her vocal fluidity and genre-bending. Danielle’s analysis of Cole's cover of The Beatle's "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” — which appeared on her 1977 live album (Natalie Live!) — demonstrated and honored how Natalie Cole's voice eluded music industry constructions of gender and race.