Music and Cultural Rights: Trends and Prospects

Music and Cultural Rights: Trends and ProspectsConvenors:Bell Yung & Andrew Weintraub

This conference will be held at the University of Pittsburgh, Oakland Campus. For more information, visit the Music and Cultural Rights Web site.

"Cultural rights" is a term that has received increased attention in recent years from scholars, musicians, cultural policy makers, commercial music producers, government funders, and activists alike. Claims surrounding music as a right have given rise to music rights language, music rights discourses, and music rights practices. This conference is designed to explore the meaning of cultural rights through the study of music as a cultural practice, a commercial product, and an aesthetic form.

The conference will bring together 25 presenters to address the following themes: individual and community entitlement; globalization; music and cultural rights violations; promoting awareness of music and cultural rights issues; safe-guarding music as a cultural right; and alliances and partnerships. Our goal is to create a dialogue among people from different sectors of music including musicians, concert curators, cultural officials, policy makers, music industry executives, foundation directors, legal experts, and academics. The focus of the conference will be on musical genres from different parts of the world that are rooted in local histories and traditions, and the ways in which they are being transformed within the changing conditions of the contemporary era. The conference aims to develop a multi-dimensional understanding of this rapidly changing world by examining the ways in which scholars, artists, policy makers, and activists negotiate, accommodate, and counteract these changes.