Rosenblum Featured on China-ASEAN Music Week

Mathew Rosenblum was a featured composer and lecturer at the fifth annual China-ASEAN Music Week in Nanning. Sponsored by Guangxi Arts University, the festival brought together composers and performers from South East Asia, Europe and the US for 21 concerts and 5 cultural exchange sessions.

Two of Rosenblum’s works were performed during the course of the festival. Sharpshooter was presented by the Guanxi Symphony Orchestra and Throat, for bass clarinet and percussion, was performed by percussionist Benjamin Leuschner and clarinetist Huang Xiaoning. Rosenblum also presented a lecture titled “Cultural Roots/Cultural Intersections.”

According to Rosenblum, the festival,

"… provided a unique opportunity to connect with composers from the Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and China, and to reconnect with old friends such as Chen Yi, Zhou Long, Zhong Juncheng and Xiaogang Ye. Most importantly, it provided an environment for meaningful dialogue and cultural exchange with both the festival participants and the amazing students at Guangxi Arts University."

Congratulations to Mathew Rosenblum for this much deserved recognition for his ongoing engagement in cross cultural dialog in contemporary music.