Shanna Lorenz Receives Tenure at Occidental College

Congratulations to Shanna Lorenz (PhD, 2007), who was recently promoted to associate professor with tenure at Occidental College. Shanna earned her PhD in ethnomusicology (and also holds a PhD in performance studies from New York University, 2014). Shanna's dissertation at Pitt, entitled "Japanese in the Samba: Japanese Brazilian Musical Citizenship, Racial Consciousness, and Transnational Migration," focused on the musical practices of migrants who circulate between Japan and Brazil. The focus of Shanna's research is the music of transnational migrants in the Americas. Shanna has worked with the Japanese Brazilian community of São Paulo, Brazil; a migrant Mayan women's cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico (where she collaborated to open a cultural center and archive of indigenous research in 2008); and Southern California-based Mexican and Central American musicians and artists. Her current book project, Migrant Sonarios: Sonic Citizenship and Immigration Reform in the Post-9/11 Era examines music that has been used to advocate for immigration reform by a variety of social actors in the United States.