Emilie Coakley

  • Graduate Student, Ethnomusicology

I am a PhD student in ethnomusicology. My research interests deal broadly with the use of music to navigate religious and national identities, with emphasis on music and Roman Catholic practice, specifically in Indonesia. Methodologically, I am fascinated by ideas of imagined communities, transnationalism, and questions of music and the body.  Before starting at Pitt, I received a BA in music from Mount Holyoke College and an MAR in Music and Religion from Yale Divinity School and the Institute of Sacred Music. I have presented my work at the NECSEM, the Society for Christian Scholarship in Music, "Music, Theology, and Justice" at the University of Toronto, and the "Christian Congregational Music" conference at Ripon College, Oxford and am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to continue my studies at the University of Pittsburgh.